Meet the Ohana


Able to see spirits and entities since childhood, Star’s special sight led her on a lifelong journey of self-discovery. After her first abduction at age 23, along with her brother and then-boyfriend, her natural channelling ability and connection to Spirit began to grow. Accepting of the strange and unexplainable manifestations in her life, she was guided in 2019 to attend the Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat (now, Sasquatch Family Reunion) in Chewelah, Washington. Bewildered, she wondered, “What the heck does Sasquatch have to do with ETs?”

Undeterred, she traveled to Chewelah and not only learned of the reality of that connection, but of the interconnectedness of the many beings within the universe. In 2022, she was called to Camp Kimtu in Willow Creek, California. It was there that a series of synchronicities inspired her to bring this gathering into existence in order to help humanity awaken and reconnect with nature, our spiritual roots, and our galactic brothers and sisters. 


More to come!