Opening Sacred Space

We began our gathering on the evening of September 8th by reciting this Q’ero prayer. As requested, here it is, available as a PDF. Opinions vary, but I was taught that sacred space can remain open for about seven days. It makes for a beautiful weekly practice, if you choose to use it as such. It’s recited during pivotal events like birth, marriage, healing, or for peace and protection.

The Q’ero people are descendants of the Incas and reside high in the Andes of Peru. Their shamanic traditions are spiritually based in nature and invoke elemental powers to bring about healing and balance. The six individual paragraphs each represent one of the four cardinal directions, the below, and the above.

To recite the prayer: For each section, stand and face that cardinal direction with your rattle high in the air. You’ll be turning in a clockwise direction to face the next cardinal direction. If you’re with a group, they can raise one or both hands in that direction as well. For Mother Earth (Pachamama), bend down to touch the earth with your palm. For Father Sun (Intititi), stand up and raise both hands to the sky. Each paragraph ends with “A-ho!” The entire group should say it loudly and in unison as you give a singular shake of your rattle in that direction. If you don’t have a rattle, you can substitute with a bell, drum, or something similar.

Did you know Q’ero medicine involves seven energy centers in the body? This is alike the Hindu tradition of the chakras or the Jewish Kabbalah tradition of the Tree of Life that’s divided into seven levels and connected by ten nodes. It’s time to bring this seemingly “shared” ancient knowledge from different traditions to the forefront to restore much-needed balance back into the world!

Ohana 2023!

Aloha Ohana! We hope everyone had a wonderful time sharing a space filled with heart-felt love, laughter, and oneness. We surely did! It was beautiful to witness the many moments of connection & re-connection, open-hearted love and healing, random acts of kindness, learning and discovery, and hearing of the many memorable personal messages and experiences that came through.  

We envisioned Ohana Spiritual Awakening as providing a warm, welcoming experience; a time, place, and space to make a few steps along your spiritual journey feel safe, comfortable, and supported by like-minded people. Being able to reconnect with nature, the Sasquatch people, our star brothers and sisters, the Elementals, and all of the seen and unseen as a unified group helped to amplify our gratitude and intentions.

We each make a difference in this world, whether we realize it or not. By affecting positive change within ourselves, we affect positive change in others. We hope that “God-spark” in everyone not only got the chance to charge, but was set ablaze! 

It’s up to us to share that positivity with others throughout the day, whether it be the gift of a warm smile, demonstrating extra patience or kindness, creating laughter with a joke, or by providing much-needed encouragement during trying moments. It’s via this ripple effect that we contribute to the collective vibration of humanity and the earth’s grid; it’s how we experience oneness on a daily basis. 

We’ve uploaded a few photos and videos, but the full album (as well as those shared by others) is accessible via our Facebook group page, “Ohana Spiritual Awakening.” In the upcoming days, we’ll be making a series of posts providing more info about some of the workshops and activities that were held. That way, we don’t overwhelm everyone with long posts. We were a bit preoccupied running things in the background, so we didn’t take a lot of photos, but with the help of the community, there are some great shared photos on the Facebook page.

We’re sad it was over so soon, but that means next year’s gathering is right around the corner! Believe it or not, we’ve already started planning, and yes, we’ve listened to your comments closely. The next gathering will be the weekend after Labor Day, September 6th – 9th, 2024.

Thank you to everyone who traveled from far and wide to commune with open hearts and minds. We recognize and appreciate the large investment of time and energy that was integral in making this weekend something special for everyone. Building companionship, friendship, and kinship; this is what we’re all about. Mahalo and many blessings to you all! We hope to see you again next year!

Ohana Spiritual Awakening 2023 Invitation

The Scheduled Activities & Workshops

Event Information

Camp Kimtu is located one-mile from downtown Willow Creek, in an old-growth fir forest, nestled alongside the Trinity River. Attendees can set up campsites beyond the designated areas that overlook the river on a first-come, first-served basis. For added convenience, there’s an on-site shower and bathroom facility, access to water, and picnic tables for daily use. 

Workshops and gatherings will be held at either the indoor Redbud Theater or the outdoor stage. Meals are vegetarian and will be prepared in the full-service kitchen cookhouse. All meals are provided, to include dinner on the 8th, three meals on both the 9th & 10th, and breakfast on the 11th. For those omnivores out there, no worries, the food will be super tasty and filling! We’ll also end every evening with a gathering at the fire pit to share stories and create music together. Don’t forget to bring your musical instruments!

An added benefit to this private campsite is the permit-less fishing! Steelhead and salmon are the top catches from the Trinity River. Salmon are known to swim up river into a nearby hatchery. Once full, the gates are closed, leaving a hearty fishing hole for anyone interested. We’ve planned a few events at the river, so bring your water shoes (and swimsuits) to prevent walking directly on the rocks. 

There will be free time for swimming, exploring, and sharing our spiritual gifts. *Performing therapeutic modalities requires a license in California, so we ask that any sharing be done at your own risk, discretion, and by donation, barter, or trade only. Please self-coordinate once you arrive. We’ll also hold a raffle with some exciting items and host a trade event so you can bring home a few souvenirs. Unfortunately, the two cabins on-site are already reserved and RVs aren’t allowed due to limited room for U-turns. Space is also limited for campers and fifth-wheels, so please coordinate with us prior to your arrival. 

We’d love for you to join us at the Ohana Spiritual Awakening! Pack up your Hawaiian shirts or hula skirts and let’s experience this family gathering together in oneness and unity!

The Cosmic Oracle Show

Check out Ohana’s first interview! Star and Norma were honored to be interviewed by the Cosmic Oracle herself, Barbara Jean Lindsay. Starla discussed the inspiration behind the Ohana Spiritual Awakening and about her amazing connection with ETs, Sasquatch, and other beings. Learn more about the speakers coming to our gathering, to include Barbara and her workshop, “Healing Interspecies Communication.” Watch the whole interview here!